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  1. alexey says:

    MouseImp don’t work in Firefox !!!
    We are waiting for new releases… %)

  2. aoleg says:

    Actually, it DOES work in FireFox. Try getting the latest version of MouseImp Pro Live!, and, if it does not do the job in FireFox, update it with “MouseImp Pro DLL” download. Note: you might have to restart your computer after that.

  3. alexey says:

    I installed latest MouseImp PRO Live! and newest DLL.
    Vertical scrolling in Firefox is working now, but not horizontal :(

  4. aoleg says:

    Yes, horizontal scrolling doesn’t work in FireFox. Volunteer developers are urgently needed :)

  5. Morten Seljeskog says:

    This lovely utility has been with me since the down of time – thanks for bringing it back to life :)

  6. curtom says:

    It seems to be a great tool, but the horizontal scrolling does not work in opera. :(

  7. elfranche says:

    Could you improve it, so both scrolling directions can occur SIMULTANEOUSLY?

  8. aoleg says:


    I believe, the scroll can be made in both directions by enabling the Options – Directscroll – Bidirectional feature.

  9. John says:

    Nice try

  10. Lion says:

    I installed the latest version, but still it doesn’t work with firefox :(

  11. aoleg says:

    Did you get the updated “MouseImp Pro DLL” from the download section? It actually solves the problem (you might need to restart Windows in order for MouseImp to start using this DLL instead of the original one).

  12. elfranche says:

    I mean, simultanously!! Such that I can scroll diagonally… this would essentially make the mouse control the entire window’s background. superb for scrolling over large photos!

  13. Karl Smith says:


    Does it work only on Internet Explorer, where can I see the system requirements of the tool please?

    I tried searching in the Firefox extension, to download it from there too.


  14. aoleg says:

    MouseImp works in virtually all Windows applications that are using scrolling.

  15. Nate says:

    Anyone know how to use a 4th mouse button with this. It only supports the Left/Right/Middle. Any options to pick a different button?

  16. Korn4D says:

    For firefox, try scrollbaranywhere firefox add-on.

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