What is MouseImp?

MouseImp PRO is a successor of MouseImp that became popular all over the world. Many users’ wishes were considered in this new version of MouseImp, and many improvements have been implemented, making it even faster and more reliable. Hope you’ll like it, and its unique features will make your work easier and more productive.

Update: a 64-bit version is on the way…

MouseImp is a handy tool that helps you to use your conventional mouse more efficiently. The AutoShrink feature increases your available workspace by removing toolbars from the screen so that only caption bars remain. To access a toolbar, just point to its caption, and it will be restored immediately. The Direct Scroll feature makes it easier to scroll through windows. Instead of using a scroll bar, you can activate MouseImp and scroll by moving the mouse up or down anywhere in the window.

MouseImp also gives you the ability to shrink windows temporarily.

MouseImp Pro Live! (free open source)

If you are not sure what exactly you need, download the very first file from
the following list:

MouseImpPro Live! MouseImp Pro Live!
[300 kb] v
MouseImpPro Live! src MouseImp Pro Live!
Source Code [350 kb] v

Original MouseImp Pro Files (outdated)

MouseimpPro12049.zip The original
MouseImp Pro v.1.2.049 [530 kb]
mouseimp.zip Original MouseImp
source code [900 kb]
MouseimpPro.zip The original
MouseImp Pro v.1.2.035 [530 kb]
readme_rus.txt MouseImp developers’
statement to community and developers (in Russian)

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  1. Francois Paradis says:

    Greetings, I LOVE MOUSEIMP!! loved it since the first version.

    However, when using “WINDOWBLINDS”, the scrollbar direction is reversed, regardless of the ‘inverted’ option in mouseimp.

  2. Carlos A. Navarrete says:

    I also use mouseImp and windowblinds. Ever since version 3.4 (i think) mouseimp and windowblinds began having conflicts. I really love both programs and if i knew how to fix it myself, i’d paste a plugin or some other sort of solution. Still i’d like to ask you guys for some guidance on this subject. The problem is that instead of “dragging” the screen with mouseimp, it seems like the scrollbars follow the mouse movement. If one is on the middle of the screen and begins dragging from the top, the scrollbar goes immediately to the top and follows the mouse movement, with very dissorienting results. If i turn off windowblinds mouseImp works just fine. can you guys please help me?

  3. ycab says:

    does MouseImp Pro Live work with Windows Vista?

  4. Hannes says:

    there is still a conflict with mouseimp and a installed 3dconnexion-spacenavigator.
    need that device in some 3d-applications and do not want to miss mouseimp – could you fix that.

  5. aoleg says:

    What’s the conflict with 3dconnexion-spacenavigator? Does MouseImp cause it to crash? If so, did you try the latest build that supports Vista and Office 2007, that solves a number of compatibility problems?

  6. TRD says:

    Thanks so much for keeping mouse-imp alive – I use a Wacom tablet and it’s crucial for web browsing and other scroll intensive tasks where a mousewheel would otherwise be used. If you guys own the patent on drag scrolling, you should sell it to Wacom!

  7. Czerno says:

    I’d used the old mouseimp, now using mouseimppro with gratitude!

    Any hope to make it work with Google’s new Chrome browser ?


  8. Ninho says:

    10000 Thanks for keeping the great tool alive !

    And please, please, try to make it interoperate with Chrome !

    I pinged the Chrome developpers about this question, they answered back it has to be done by Mouseimp Pro.



  9. aoleg says:

    Chrome support is on the way. I have the code already, just need to implement it and upload the installation file. May take me a week or two though.

  10. Czerno says:

    Very good ! Spasibo bolshoe !

  11. Georgy says:

    Thank’s for developers, wonderfull soft! You save our TIME!
    What about XP-64 version?

  12. Michael says:

    So, when can we download :-) The current live Version does not work :-(

  13. Xenio says:

    Great!!! I was looking for it from a long time…
    any chanche to get more Activate on keys or combination for scrolling?
    I use a wacom tablet and I like to have some Control + Alt or some more complex combination because left middle e right button are already used for other.

  14. aoleg says:

    As soon as I get a 64-bit compiler, I’ll try building a 64-bit executable. No guarantee though as the source code is well dated, and can be only assembled in full under Visual Studio 6 that does not have 64-bit support.

  15. Gusto says:

    Hi and thanks for the neat application. Anyways, here’s my two cents on how to improve and enhance the direct scroll feature: (all from the perspective of a Vista tablet-pc / touch screen user)

    1) User could customize which programs were to use the scrolling feature. For example, you could disable the scroll feature entirely in Firefox because you already have a Firefox specific scrolling add-on which you’d like to still use (currently using Grab and Drag add-on to control Firefox and MouseImp on all other windows causes the Firefox add-on to act strangely). Or if there are certain applications where there’s simply no use for the feature.

    2) User could have more customized ways to enable and disable the scrolling feature. For example to briefly disable the scroll you could double click text area in any program or window. Also, the user could specify any of the keyboard buttons or key combinations to enable and disable the direct scroll. Having that feature would allow the user to map scroll disabling/enabling to unused media buttons etc.

  16. Jonathan says:

    I think mouseimp has its problems with the webkit engine. For me it is not working in safari too. Both chrome and safari uses webkit engine. Very nice utility though. It saves a lot of stress while scrolling.

  17. flc says:

    Thanks for keeping this extreemly useful application alive!

  18. aoleg says:

    Gusto, thanks a lot for your suggestions! I was thinking about disabling MouseImp scrolling in FireFox automatically if Grab&Drag is activated, but currently cannot find out how to detect one running. Having a list of appliations where MouseImp should not be active is another option, though.

  19. Peter says:

    Unfortunately, MouseImp doesn’t work with Office 2007 :( I only tested if on Word and Outlook 2007, so I assume it won’t work in the others as well :(

  20. aoleg says:

    It does. English versions of Word 2007 is fully supported, while Outlook 2007 should work, too. However, it’s vertical scrolling only, and I haven’t done any testing on any international versions of Office 2007 apps. Also, 64-bit platforms are not yet supported (I am not sure whether or not it’s even possible).

  21. Peter says:

    Hmmn, that’s interesting. I’m running Windows XP, SP3 (32bit)
    MouseImp PRO Live!
    based on MouseImp PRO v

    I’m also using the dll for Mozilla.

    I’m running Microsoft Office Word 2007, English version

    MouseImp works for everything else and only stopped working in Word 2007. It previously worked in all of Office 2003.

    Any suggestions? I did a clean install on this computer and I haven’t downloaded any versions of MouseGimp for over a year as it hasn’t changed has it?

  22. aoleg says:

    No need to use a separate DLL. The current MouseIMP distributive has the latest DLL with Office 2007, Mozilla and Opera support. Try reinstalling MouseIMP (and re-booting the computer afterwards).

  23. Peter says:

    Ok, just downloaded and reinstalled it and now it works as expected in everything but the Inbox view of Outlook 2007. For example, it works while reading emails in Outlook, it works in Word 2008 it just doesn’t work when trying to scroll down the inbox window view. The mouse pointer turns into the circle with a cross through it when you right click and drag.

    Would it be possible to update the download section mentioning that you don’t need to do the dll separately now?

    Love your work!

    Thanks heaps!

  24. Victek says:

    Hello! After upgrading to IE8 I noticed that Mouseimp Pro no longer works. Any chance we’ll see an update to support IE8?

  25. aoleg says:

    You need to restart your computer one more time, and MouseImp will catch up with IE8 (I just checked it myself, it works).

  26. Drew Wesley says:

    Hi aoleg,

    Have you implemented the Chrome code in the wonderful should-be-installed-on-all-pcs MouseImp Pro Live! utility. This would mark a checkpoint in PC history, helping what is becoming the fastest browser now available.

    Have you considered contacting Microsoft so this can be a built-in feature in future Windows versions?

  27. Will says:


    I love it, I’ve only found about this tool yesterday, I’ve been using MouseStar from MagicUtil (not free) for the past 3 or more years but I got sick of it because of the lack of support for Visual Studio .NET. IE8 works great as well.

    I have a question, I download VS C++ 6.0 SP5 and tried to build the program, the code does not compile right away, there are files that are missing, first of all the icons were missing from previous projects but that’s ok cuz I got a copy of them However, there are at least 2 other files that I don’t have:-

    #include “resMImpCfg.rc2″
    #include “..\help\MIPROHLP.H”

    Please let me know if I am missing something, it would be good to get this compiling because I’d like to make some changes to it.

    Please email me if you need to.

    Kind Regards,



  28. aoleg says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have those files. What you see is the way the project was when I took over it. However, good news is that you probably don’t need those files, as the only thing necessary to re-compile is MIPRO.DLL, which you can do even without the mentioned files, and even in VS.NET 2005 (that’s what I use).

  29. aoleg says:


    I have the necessary code for supporting Chrome, but no time on my hands to implement it. Hopefully, in a few weeks…

  30. Will says:


    Thanks for reply.

    I would have like to change the main icon MImpCfg.ico which is part of the MImpCfg project that I can’t compile because of the missing files.

    I know I could use resource hacker / tunner to do this, but it would have been better if I could compile it.

    if you happen to get those files sometime in the future, please add them to the project. I am sure others will want those missing files for other reasons as well.




  31. Kevin says:

    I recently got a new laptop at work running Windows XP with Office 2007. I really like MouseImp so am very disappointed it does not work as well in Office 2007 as it does in Office 2003. I can vertically scroll in Excel but not horizontally. In Outlook, the vertical scroll works within a message but not in the Inbox view of messages. Is there any plan to correct this? Thanks in advance for your efforts!

  32. Drew Wesley says:

    Hi aoleg,

    Do you have an update on including the Chrome compatibility code?

  33. Marcos says:

    Also want for chrome. Hope you have gotten to it.

  34. Pleeeeeeeessee? says:

    Pleeeeeeeese make this work with Google Chrome!! :(

  35. Cliff says:

    I have a couple of feature requests for DirectScroll:

    1. Add an option to lock the mouse pointer position while scrolling. So, while I’m dragging up or down to scroll, the mouse pointer remains fixed in place.

    2. Add an option for scrolling to affect the window under the mouse pointer, rather than the window that has focus.


  36. Cliff says:

    To clarify my feature request #2, I meant the scrolling would affect the window under the mouse pointer, without giving it focus. So, whatever window had focus before scrolling, keeps its focus.


  37. DRock says:

    Feature request: If possible I would like to see the option to set activation to both mouse buttons. Having it set on right or left click interferes with these normal functions. Plus my mouse doesn’t have a middle button

  38. Azor says:

    Chrome plz plz plz

  39. JJ says:

    I finally found a free alternative to Mouseimp for Windows that works with google Chrome and doesn’t crash in Vista 32 bit.

    Mouseimp kept causing weird crashes on applications on my Vista 32bit machine. I didn’t have it running, then as soon as I started it up applications would start to crash.

    I was also frustrated that Mouseimp wouldn’t work with google Chrome.

    I just got a Logitech Trackman mouse for Christmas and accidentally stumbled across “Marble Scroll”. Even though it was primarily written for the Logitech Marble Mouse, it works great with my Trackman and I also tested it with a regular mouse.


    No more crashing apps and it works with google Chrome.

  40. aoleg says:

    I’ll make a topic for this program as well!

    EDIT: nope, that’s not *it*. Unfortunately, MarbleMouse works in quite a different way, and is no replacement for MouseImp or the paid alternatives.

  41. JJ says:

    Perhaps we use it differently. I’ve only used MouseImp for a middle mouse button grab/scroll. This is exactly what Marble Mouse does for me.

    Perhaps it’s because Marble Mouse doesn’t support right/left mouse button drag/scroll, which is fine for me because I use the right for gestures and the left for QuickDrag functions.

  42. Chris says:


    is this program still being developed? Will there be a new version where some of the feature requests (disable scrolling for specific programs)?

    I really like it!

  43. Vah says:

    Doesn’t work with Maxthon 3 :(