MouseImp Pro Live! (free open source)

If you are not sure what exactly you need, download the very first file from
the following list:


MouseImp 7 32-bit MouseImp 7 32-bit
MouseImp 7 x64 MouseImp 7 x64
MouseImpPro Live! MouseImp Pro Live!
[300 kb] v
MouseImpPro Live! src MouseImp Pro Live!
Source Code [350 kb] v

Original MouseImp Pro Files The original
MouseImp Pro v.1.2.049 [530 kb] Fixed MIpro.DLL,
exclusively for MouseimpPro version 1.2.049. Enables Opera 7.x support Original MouseImp
source code [900 kb] The original
MouseImp Pro v.1.2.035 [530 kb]
readme_rus.txt MouseImp developers’
statement to community and developers (in Russian)