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Please feel free to download and use MouseImp Pro Live! source code. The source lacks MouseImp Pro’s copy protection and some other trialware/evaluation stuff from the commercial version.

The source code can be compiled under Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP5. Installation wizard is made with Wise Install Builder 7.04.

The source code is quite old, and it was not supported or updated for a very long time now. They were never perfect in either design or performance. If you have development related questions, you may try reaching the original MouseImp developer by email, at [email protected]. He might be able to help, but makes no promises about that, or even about being able to return your email.


Volunteers are very welcome to support the development of this project. Currently, Pingram Software supports this project, so please feel free to contact Oleg Afonin if you want to contribute to the project.

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  1. Mohali says:

    Awesome idea….Just what I was waiting for. I have been using MouseImp for years. Obviously I wanted it to work in Firefox or other applications but it didn’t.

    Thank you…thank you…thank you… to all of the developers and to everyone else who is in one way or other involved in this project.

  2. aoleg says:

    Mohali, you’re welcome to use MouseImp or modify its source code in any way if you are a developer! If you make any modifications that might be of interest for the MouseImp community, please post it here on this site.

  3. Seaman says:

    Whether attempts of adaptation of source code to Linux are known?

  4. aoleg says:

    No, there are no Linux ports for MouseImp. Linux has very different approach to handling the third mouse button. I don’t think a port would be possible; however, someone interested might have created a similar tool for Linux somewhere.

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