Opera and Mozilla Firefox support

Thanks to the help of the contributors, MouseImp now supports Opera 7 and 9 as well as Mozilla Firefox. The updated MIPro.dll is included with the setup file. If you’re using Opera or Firefox, you are welcome to update your copy of MouseImp: download

Many thanks to Oleksa Borodie, Vladimir Sudochakov and Dmitry Barabash for implementing the code.

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  1. TB says:

    Just installed the new version which support Opera and Mozilla Firefox. I’m very happy with it! I previously used the old dll for Mozilla, but that one had an incompatibility with Microsoft Access 97-2003 (would hang for a few moments when scrolling a table, than closing it). I’m happy to report that the new version works flawlessly in both Mozilla and MS Access.

  2. cruiser says:

    thanks for the great effort!

  3. Alexey says:

    Thanks, this version of MouseImp didn’t crash uTorrent!

  4. maxlock says:

    Great, finally it works in Opera/Office’07! Thanks a lot to everyone!

    P.S. Any plans to get horizontal scroll working in Office’07 as well?

  5. Dunaszegi says:

    The new feauture is welcome.
    But a question: isn’t it possible that scrolling would work sideways as well?

  6. aoleg says:

    Unfortunately, horizontal scrolling is quirky in the Office apps, so I had to revert to unidirectional scrolling here.

  7. Paka says:

    Thanks Aoleg – for taking this on. I’ve been looking for such a thing for a long time. I had finally found an add-on for Firefox that did this (called “Grab and Drag”) which worked great. But I became addicted to and then frustrated because it only worked in FF. Now I have this functionality virtually everywhere.

    This should be a built-in function in EVERY operating system- as part of the basic mouse driver functionality. Scroll bars are a WASTED effort. My favorite setting is Mix mode control type which enables instant access to either mode.

    3 notes:

    1. Undocumented added functionality in both FF and IE: If you set both the “Slow down on” and “disable on” to “Ctrl”, it changes the behavior of the Ctrl key while held down at same time as the DirectScroll (in any mode) to that of sequentially increasing or descreasing the font size. This is an unintended, but very cool feature to dynamically resize the font to any desired level in a single motion. (Please don’t “fix” this – I’m only mentioning it so others can benefit).

    2. An additional feature for this excellent utility would be a boolian option that allows the cursor to remain fixed on the page throughout the scrolling action. For trackballs, pens, and touchpads, there is really no need for the cursor to move during a scroll, as it only limits the length of a single stroke. For those of us using these devices, we have no need of ever releasing the activation button during long scrolls, since our mouse “pad” is essentially infinite. Without this option, we are forced to release the activation button (or re-click it for toggle mode) and then move the cursor back up to begin a new scrolling action. This causes needless repetitive actions. Mouse users may like it as well if their sensitivity is set very high. Please consider this as a configurable option. I thank you in advance (please email me if you are able to do it.)

    3. One last quirk (minor bug) which would be nice to iron out is that if you are in a text box control (like the one I’m writing in right now in FF), the effect of MouseImp Pro should not apply to outer “nested” scroll bars. That is – right now if I activate the program inside this text box, it will scroll to the top or bottom of the textarea and then when that limit is reached it will continue to scroll the outer scroll bar of the html page. The correct behavior should be to terminate behavior at the boundaries of the inner control. If outer control scrolling is desired, that should require additional triggering outside of the inner textarea box. A small but fairly important refinement.

    If you set up a donations link, I will gladly donate for your service to this project. Thanks again!


  8. Paka says:

    After a quick look at the source code, I can see that trying to implement a stationary cursor (2 above) would not be very feasible without a major overhaul to the code. Given that the hooks for scrolling are entirely based on tracking the relative differences of the actual cursor location (after the fact), trying to make the cursor appear stationary would probably result in some sort of jerky or blinking cursor behavior and result in too much overhead. The program is – after all – not a mouse driver.

    However, there is an easier way to get the same result as (2) and also accomplish (3) above (restraining the scroll to the innermost relevant scroll bar) at the same time. It would involve creation of a new “wraparound” routine which would simply snap the cursor to the other extreme bound of the currently active scroll area, upon reaching the opposite bound. For example: when scrolling down, the cursor would stop upon reaching the bottom of the scrollbar (accomplishing 3. above) and then immediately disappear and reappear back at the top of the same scrollable area. This would not affect the thumb behavior, but it would constrain the cursor to be within the scrollable area at all times while minimizing the jerky behavior to only once per full height traveled.

    A “wraparound” boolean configuration option would control the feature, which if “off” would simply stop any further cursor movement beyond the bounding box.

    Is anyone up to attempting to implement this? I don’t currently have the time or tools to do it.

  9. aoleg says:


    Thank you the extremely valuable input. I have the tools to do the job, and I can certainly add the option. However, as I don’t have much time to spend on the project, I would appreciate any help as to where and what code to add. If you could point me to exact location (e.g. function name) in the source code (MIPro.dll is the only one to modify), as well as approximately what to insert, I could try to do that.

  10. matt says:

    Man, this is awesome. I just upgraded to office 2007 and was disappointed Mouseimp didn’t work. I checked the site, saw the update, and I’m impressed. You did it again. This program is the best. I hate working on computers that don’t have it installed. Thank you!

  11. Mat says:

    Great work ! I am so glad that this soft still exists, I use it for years and its the first thing I install on any machine.

    Thanks hundred times !!!

  12. Anjan Oleti says:

    Thanks for the great app
    I would like to have an option to disable the program in specific applications.
    If it is already there, please let me know how to use it.

  13. quidam says:

    I just found this great app. Big thanks to the authors.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t works fine wit Lingoes which is very nice software for instant translation over clicking mouse buttons.

    Seems like both apps interfere with each other mouse clicks management in a way that makes Lingoes unusable. :/

    I someone has decent workaround to this issue, please post solution in comment.


  14. Roberto says:

    This is very useful on my laptop. However, I can’t seem to get the auto-shrink stuff to work at all. No toolbars have been removed on the few apps I have tried. I set it for all apps and then tried for some specific apps like Firefox. Once or twice, the Firefox window shrank completely . . . looked great. But I have no idea how I did it and can’t seem to get that to work again, or work with any other program windows as well.

  15. Keivn says:

    The horizontal mouse scrolling move is not working.

  16. DentAr says:

    I discovered a problem with left handed mice (right and left button switched in the mouse control panel) and activating the mouseimp scrolling using the ‘right’ mouse button (in this case – the logical right button, i.e. the left physical one
    Firefox – all versions starting by 2.0 – have the same problem: The mouseimp behaviour is the same as when the control type is set to toggle mode, the classic mode does not work any more.
    Not so in other apps, there its seems to be normal?
    Could you please check and supply a fix? Please, please, please ….

  17. David says:

    I seem to be having a little problem with MouseImp Pro Live. Namely, it isn’t working anymore.

    I had been noticing that there was a problem with it and Firefox 3’s save dialogue, if I tried to use it to scroll through to find a place to save a file, it would crash Firefox, and then I couldn’t open anything with a double-click anymore until I restarted my computer. But it only happened some times, and not other times.

    Anyway, a few days after this happens, I start up my computer, do some things, and I try to scroll, and I notice that MouseImp isn’t working. All of a sudden it’s not working anywhere. I mean, it never worked in Open Office Writer, but now it doesn’t work anywhere else either. I tried reinstalling it, more than once, I think, and it still won’t work. I’d really like some help here, because MouseImp scrolling is habit by now. I can’t tell you how many times a day I try to scroll and only get the context menu.

  18. Cyberchicken says:

    I can’t reproduce what Paka wrote on 6th may -point 1)
    (my versions: mouseImp PRO LIve 13 feb 2008, Firefox 3.0.1, IE7.5730.13)
    It would have been great!

    Thanks and Kudos to the developers, but…
    the obvious request now is could Mimp be hooked also to Google Chrome (and all webkit browsers btw)
    I noticed that Mimp actually _works_ for the scroll bar of the history box in GChrome (today version)

  19. kaspar says:

    The conflict with rocketdock seems to have resolved iteelf after restart.

    Btw an app i use called DM2 may have also been part of the bug.



  20. Sp says:


    Congratulations for this *great* program.
    I don’t know why it hasn’t been _invented_ earlier.
    Please, keep working with it. I would gladly pay or donate.

    Just one thing: Horizontal Scroll doesn’t work well in Excel 2007 and nothing happens (vertical nor horizontal) in Chrome.



  21. Richard says:

    Perhaps no one noticed but there is an add on for firefox
    called ” Scrollbar Anywhere ” With it MouseImp scrolls
    both vertically and horizontally in Firefox.

    It is no longer available on Firefox but can be found at:


    Or just Google the name.

  22. Richard Rice says:

    The old version of Mouseimp Pro will scroll in both directions
    in Firefox ( 2 , 3 ) when combined with an add on called
    Scrollbar Anywhere. For Firefox 3 use Version 0.10.1

    Get it here: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/marc.boullet/ext/extensions-en.html

    Apparently the new version will not scroll horizontally even with
    Scrollbar Anywhere installed. You must use the older version of

  23. Dima says:

    Hi. Thanks for your job on continuing MouseImp development. But in the latest version AutoShrink feature doesn’t seem to work.
    I tried to use it on different computers and with different aplications. In vain. In previous versions it worked great. Please fix it. Thanks again.

  24. Jonathan says:

    I am using the mouseimpro latest version. Great utility. But I am too having problems, that this doesn’t working with Safari(for windows) and Google Chrome. I think it has nothing with the webkit engine. If developers can make it working with google chrome, then it will be more than fruitfull. It will definitly boost the popularity of mouseimp as google is looking to promote chrome from the computer manufacturers side.

  25. zett42 says:

    There seems to be a conflict between MouseImp Pro and the tool FlashFolder which I’m developing.
    If MouseImp Pro is started after FlashFolder, it blocks the hook created by FlashFolder. If started in the opposite order, FlashFolder works well.
    In the source of MouseImp Pro I can see that CallNextHookEx() is commented out at the end of the CBT Hook function. I assume this is what causes FlashFolder (and propably other programs using the same hook) to be blocked.
    Could you enable CallNextHookEx() again so we can check if this is the root of the problem?


  26. Nick says:

    It’s really a fantastic invention. I like it and put it when startup in my first see.

    Could it design a hotkey to activate or turn into sleep mode? Instead of clicking mouse on the icon in the toolbar. It will be more convenient.

  27. Antonimo says:

    Wonderful app! I can live without horizontal scroll in Firefox, but please, is it possible to have OpenOffice Support?

  28. HonoredMule says:

    This is exactly what I’ve desperately wanted for a long time, but I’d dearly love to selectively disable it. The aforementioned Grab ‘n Drag extension for Firefox is a much smoother and more feature-rich solution. It’s not even possible to match the quality and comfort of that in other places, especially where there’s no smooth scrolling, and it’s not even really needed with less-rich content or the unlikliness of /long/ scrollable areas.

    MouseImp is perfectly adequate for my favorite text editor, file browser windows, etc. but I’m not willing to sacrifice Grab ‘n Drag for it.

    The “AutoShrink” feature can already effectively identify Firefox windows for exclusion. What are the chances of getting an option tab that reuses that functionality to selectively stop it from interfering with specific programs?

  29. Mimo says:

    Is it possible, that mouseImp does not work with scrollbars in java applications?

  30. denizen trabant says:

    Mouseimp stopped working for me on firefox just after the latest windows update. (win xp). I had it working with firefox for the last 2 months. This will probably require a small fix to the code.

  31. skyworxx says:

    Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Opera 10.10 and 10.50.

    Please fix this

  32. negg says:

    If I get this correct MImp must be “hooked” to an application to work? The middle mouse scroll in OpenOffice really sucks, do you think MImp could be hooked on that, too?

    Opera 10.x also does not work…another wish

  33. Goran says:

    Is there any chance to support VS2010?

  34. McIver says:

    How do I make MouseImp scroll smoothly and not jump down 15 lines

  35. tbone says:

    You could abuse the “speed up” mode to slow down scrolling.
    There is a setting for which button to hold to enable faster scrolling, furthermore there is a value to set.. change it from 130% (default i guess) to something like 50%.

    I’m still in deep pain without MI on my Win7 x64.. o(((

  36. Ihorko says:

    Perfect tool

    But somehow it doesn’t work in MS Visual Studio 2010