Beta: Microsoft Office 2007 Support

It’s been a while since the last update of MouseImp. This new test version of MIPro.DLL supports several Office 2007 applications, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and some windows in MS Outlook.

Download the updated DLL here: (MAJOR update 27-Jun-2007. Fixes temporary lock-ups in the Office applications.)

To replace the old one, you’ll need to exit MouseImp, rename the old DLL into a different name, copy the new one, and restart Windows (or at least log off / log on). After the testing is complete, I will update MouseImp installer to include this DLL. Your feedback is welcome!

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  1. Goran Mitrovic says:

    On Vista, MouseImp seems to work only in applications that have the same UAC level as MouseImp. Any fix for that?

  2. aoleg says:

    Not a fix, but a workaround. Run MouseImp with administrative privileges: right-click on its icon, select “Security” tab, and check the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox.

    Cause: MouseImp registers its hook DLL by attaching to the processes that are running, so it requires same or higher level of UAC as these applications.

  3. cruiser says:

    it’s been so long for the office 2007 support, thanks for the update! I just tried the latest dll, something to report to make it perfect in the future:

    *I’m using winxp sp2, combined office 2007 (word, excel, powerpoint) and 2003 (outlook).

    word 2007: I use right button to active the scroll, after one or two scroll, new dll always cause high CPU usage and semi-hang-up for about ~10 seconds, then mouse courser can be moved but still in “hand” shape, as if I’m still in the scroll mode, then after another ~5 seconds all come back to normal. This will happen again and again and make the scroll in word2007 completely un-acceptable.

    excel and powerpoint 2007: so far so good.

    outlook: I’m using outlook 2003 but not 2007, with the old dll everything is fine; after install the new dll, I just can’t scroll in the main email list window, but some other window in outlook are still ok.

  4. aoleg says:

    Update: the new build (17-Jun-2007) is supposed to fix this.

  5. Chris says:

    Hi, first I want to say thank you for the update & thank you for keeping Mouseimp.
    It works on the horizontal scroll, but sometimes it stucks with scroll mode until I press ctrl-alt-del.

    One request of feature if possible: option to make the cursor stay on one point when scrolling. I believe this feature should be implemented in “Grab and Drag” Firefox Add-on, I often losing the ability to scroll when the cursor gets to the toolbar.

  6. aoleg says:

    > …sometimes it stucks with scroll mode…

    Confirmed. I’ll be fixing this in a few days.

  7. Steve says:

    I tried this updated DLL in XP and had no results. Does not work at all for me. Close MouseIMP, reverted back to the original DLL and it’s working fine again.

  8. aoleg says:

    > I tried this updated DLL in XP and had no results. Does not work at all for me.

    Hmm, that shouldn’t happen. I’ll give it more testing under XP, yet I don’t have the 2007 Office on my XP machine.

    Update: tested on XP; the new DLL works fine. As I said, I don’t have MS Office 2007 there, so could not test this part on XP.

  9. cruiser says:

    > I’m using winxp sp2, combined office 2007 (word, excel, powerpoint) and 2003 (outlook).

    Thanks for the update again, I’ve download the new dll (17-Jun-2007), now outlook 2003 “main mail list window” issue is clear, word 2007 hangup issue is also improved: the hang-up happen less and recover quicker—now I can keep the new dll for my daily use and test more ;-)

    one new question for the two version of office2007 beta: it seems I can’t use horizontal scroll at all, in any of my word/excel/ppt 2007, but it’s ok in outlook 2003 and windows explorer. (I already checked “bidirection” in direct scroll tab) in explorer.


  10. aoleg says:

    Horizontal scrolling currently does not work in the Office 2007 applications, so I chose to disable it in the MouseImp code. This reduced the frequency of the lockups as well. I’ll be testing it some more this week to eliminate the lockups altogether, with horizontal scrolling being down the list of priorities.

  11. NeoGeo says:

    In Maxthon when list page backward (from down to up) SO SO LAGING ! Old dll work perfect.

  12. aoleg says:

    27 June Update: the new DLL fixes lock-ups in the Office 2007 applications. Should also take care of the Office 2007 applications in Windows XP and older operating systems, but I can’t test this as I don’t have Office 2007 on my XP machine.

  13. cruiser says:

    Thanks aoleg, the June.27 dll works very good in my word/excel/ppt2007 now, CPU usage of MouseImp is 0% even when I keep scrolling in any office app above. By adding horizontal scrolling I think it will be perfect.

    What’s next? maybe scroll in firefox2? :)

  14. aoleg says:

    FireFox scrolling may be the next thing (though I for one am happy with FF Grab’n’Drag plugin), but horizontal scrolling in the Office 2007 apps is very unlikely. Right now, MouseImp simply acts as a mouse “wheel”, thus can only do up and down.

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