Partition Recovery

This is unrelated to mouse software, but rather a review of a tool I found quite useful. (Disclosure: I do have a business relationship with Hetman Software, although not an affiliate one).

The storage subsystem gets more reliable every day. Compared to just ten years ago, hard drives are immensely more robust and reliable. However, computer users keep losing information. Hardware faults account for less than ten per cent of all occurences of data loss. The rest can be attributed to accidental and malicious user activities, software faults, operating system errors, virus attacks and a bunch of other reasons totally unrelated to the actual storage, be it a hard disk, an SSD drive or a flash memory card.

Fortunately, software errors can be fixed with other software. There is no need to put the disk on a bench or disassemble the cover to access the plates. Instead, all you need is a software data recovery tool. Hetman Partition Recovery is one of them. It’s definitely not the cheapest of the bunch, but rather one of the more comprehensive solutions out there. It features pretty much everything you need from a data recovery tool. It can scan the entire content of the storage devivce (hard disk, SSD, flash, whatever) looking for recognizable content to recover. It can combine the results of this scan with information read from the file system. It can recover files from formatted and repartitioned drives, corrupted, damaged and inaccessible media. It’s worth a look. The evaluation download is free of charge. Get partition recovery software from