Scroll Navigator – a MouseImp alternative for 64-bit systems

Jason found a replacement for MouseImp for those using 64-bit systems. Called Scroll Navigator, it’s available from Desksoft. It costs some $10.

Scroll Navigator x64

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  1. Jason says:

    Still, Scroll Navigator is no MousImp Pro. MouseImp is just so much smoother when scrolling and doesn’t have the jerky bugs that Scroll Navigator does. Regardless, because it would be a code overhaul to enable for x64, I am just noting to recognize what a good yet simple program MouseImp Pro is. Great program.

  2. ®ound says:

    Hi! ScrollNavigator works under Windows 7 x32.
    But does NOT scrolling IE windows.

  3. Dersou1 says:

    Hi! ScrollNavigator works under Windows 7 x64.
    But does NOT scroll IE windows.

    Too bad …