MouseImp – Windows 7 and x64 support

The all-new MouseImp 7 is released! Now supporting all 32-bit and x64 builds of Windows 7 and Vista, working in IE8/IE9 Protected Mode and scrolling all windows of the office suite, the new MouseImp is the tool to get. Ivan Keluh and Alexander Malofeev are the ones to thank for the new release.

Download the 32-bit version here, or get an x64 installer here.

Note: even if you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows, the MouseImp x32 will still work there. It will scroll all 32-bit and 64-bit application windows, with one exception: in 64-bit apps only, the mouse cursor will not turn into a scrolling hand. If the majority of your applications are 64-bit, get MouseImp x64; otherwise, the 32-bit version will more than suffice. (Personally, I’m using a 32-bit build of MouseImp on my Windows 7 x64).

Another note: please uninstall the old version of MouseImp first. Updates are currently not supported due to a lot of major changes in the new app.