Windows Vista Support

It’s been a while since the last update to MouseImp code. As recently reported, MouseImp had issues in Windows Vista. I have traced the code and made several modifications to MIPro.DLL in order to fix these issues. It seems now that basic functions work correctly in Vista.

Download updated MIPro.DLL with Windows Vista support

If you detect any bugs or issues, please post them here as a comment to this article.

Note: this version of MIPro.DLL does not support Mozilla FireFox, as I don’t have the source code for the one that does. However, there is an excellent plug-in that does exactly what MouseImp has to do, only in FireFox. It’s called Grab and Drag, and can be downloaded from

Update: the Vista capable MIPro.DLL is now part of the main distributive. If you are new to MouseImp, you may simply download the full version of MouseImp Pro Live!

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  1. HonoredMule says:

    This is exactly what I’ve desperately wanted for a long time, but I’d dearly love to selectively disable it. The aforementioned Grab ‘n Drag extension for Firefox is a much smoother and more feature-rich solution. It’s not even possible to match the quality and comfort of that in other places, especially where there’s no smooth scrolling, and it’s not even really needed with less-rich content or the unlikliness of /long/ scrollable areas.

    MouseImp is perfectly adequate for my favorite text editor, file browser windows, etc. but I’m not willing to sacrifice Grab ‘n Drag for it.

    The “AutoShrink” feature can already effectively identify Firefox windows for exclusion. What are the chances of getting an option tab that reuses that functionality to selectively stop it from interfering with specific programs?

  2. Mimo says:

    Is it possible, that mouseImp does not work with scrollbars in java applications?

  3. denizen trabant says:

    Mouseimp stopped working for me on firefox just after the latest windows update. (win xp). I had it working with firefox for the last 2 months. This will probably require a small fix to the code.

  4. Charles says:

    🙁 Still no updates for x64? I wanna run it on Win2008R2.

  5. aoleg says:

    Supporting x64 would not, unfortunately, be a simple update. A major rewrite is required. I don’t have the required skills to do this. The source code is old, and hardly portable.

  6. Jason says:

    Hey guys,

    For x64, I found Scroll Navigator. Thing is, it costs money and is not as fluid and smooth as mouse imp pro. Good work aoleg! And thanks for having looked into a port. I guess someone else will have to implement or we just wait for something else to come out. Man, such a great tool.

  7. aoleg says:

    Let me add a link to Scroll Navigator:

    If I decide to upgrade to an x64 system, this will be the first thing I’ll use.

  8. tbone says:

    ScrollNavigator does not do it for me on Win7-x64.
    Either choppy scrolling or nothing at all.

    MouseStar might work better for some of you, but is unfortunately not as straight as mouseimp was, so again no options until now.. o(


  9. skyworxx says:

    Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Opera 10.10 and 10.50.

    Please fix this 🙂

  10. negg says:

    If I get this correct MImp must be “hooked” to an application to work? The middle mouse scroll in OpenOffice really sucks, do you think MImp could be hooked on that, too?

    Opera 10.x also does not work…another wish 🙂

  11. Goran says:

    Is there any chance to support VS2010?

  12. McIver says:

    How do I make MouseImp scroll smoothly and not jump down 15 lines

  13. tbone says:

    You could abuse the “speed up” mode to slow down scrolling.
    There is a setting for which button to hold to enable faster scrolling, furthermore there is a value to set.. change it from 130% (default i guess) to something like 50%.

    I’m still in deep pain without MI on my Win7 x64.. o(((

  14. Ihorko says:

    Perfect tool

    But somehow it doesn’t work in MS Visual Studio 2010