Windows 8, 64-bit and IE10 Support

MouseIMP is out thanks to Ivan Kelukh! In this release:

– Fixed IE9 and IE10 Protected Mode behavior in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
– Tested with Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit
– New download mirrors

Download MouseIMP 32-bit

Download MouseIMP 64-bit

Download source code (zip)

Download source code (tar.gz)

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

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  1. 2143270 says:

    Thanks for MouseIMP.

  2. Drew Wesley says:

    Butter! :)

  3. tbone says:

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    I wonder if it is somehow possible to run the 32bit and the 64bit versions of MouseImp at the same time?! I have some 32bit applications (Editplus e.g.), which are not mouse-imp’ed when running MouseImp in 64bit, only the 32bit MouseImp works with them, but then all 64bit applications are not affected.

    So which version to run, is a hard choice to make, when using MI.. o) Any ideas ?!

  4. tbone says:

    I need to correct:
    When running the 64bit version of MouseImp the scrolling on 32bit applications is not working or at least not proportional to the slider (feels like the underlying window is “just” getting some up/down messages). The other way round it’s the same. 32bit MouseImp does not “feel good” with 64bit apps.

    The most stunning thing about the previous MI-generation was, that it kind of virtually always grabbed the scrollbar and did not send keystrokes to those windows, which lacks the precision and usability and is of rather limited use, if your window is huge/long (content-wise) and MI scrolls just some lines, but you on the other hand, move your mouse up/down using the whole screenspace there is.

    I think at least you, the developers, understand what I mean.

    I would like to run MouseImp in both 32/64bit versions, so that the “grab the scrollbar”- and “very precise”-scrollmode is available as often as possible. Can that be done ?! Maybe in the next release ?!.. o)


  5. aoleg says:


    I am using a 64-bit version on my system. It scrolls almost everything, except that the mouse pointer does not turn into a palm in 32-bit apps. I think it really depends on whether you have to scroll more of 32-bit or 64-bit apps.

    I don’t believe there is a way (at this time) to run both 32-bit and 64-bit versions side by side. This would be technically difficult to implement, so we skipped this feature for now (we considered implementing it a long time ago). But I do understand the issue, as I’m using MouseImp daily on a 64-bit PC as well.

  6. Oleg Kovalev says:

    Thank you very much.
    Спасибо тебе большой.

    MouseImp – the best.
    Маус имп – лучшая.

  7. Britto Arthur says:

    May you live a 100 years!!!

  8. jmain33 says:

    Where is my comment?
    From a few weeks ago!

  9. Jack says:

    YES,thank you!But.. does it has the version for google chrome?It seem doesn’t work in the chrome.Anyway thank you so much~

  10. Vittorio says:

    Last updates of Google Chrome (on windows) broke a lot of things. In particular they replaced the scroll bar and MouesImp doesn’t work with it anymore.
    Is someone investigating?

  11. stolbi says:

    Just installed MouseImpPro, 32 bit on my new Windows 7 64 bit.
    Simply looses the setting ‘Load at startup’. Why ? What’s wrong ?
    Once I click the OK button and then open again the configuration the setting is unchecked.
    The same behaviour is present with 64 bit version and MImpro
    please advise what to do , to remember setting and not to launch manually at each system startup/
    Thanks !

  12. Neil says:

    Hi, I was thinking can you add a function (list)
    to auto disable mouseimp in some apps ?

    for example, I’d like to disable mouseimp in FireFox
    because it’s conflicting the the addon “FireGesture”
    So it would be nice if mouseimp can be disabled in
    a list of the apps automatically.

    thanks a lot !!

  13. Germanzi says:

    This is so exciting, thanks for continuing to develop this fantastic little app! Sometimes the smallest, freest, and most open source apps are the most important ones on Windows :P. Ironic isn’t it

  14. aleph says:

    can’t make smooth scrolling in new google chrome 37 64bit version.