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Please feel free to download and use MouseImp Pro Live! source code. The source lacks MouseImp Pro’s copy protection and some other trialware/evaluation stuff from the commercial version.

The source code can be compiled under Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP5. Installation wizard is made with Wise Install Builder 7.04.

The source code is quite old, and it was not supported or updated for a very long time now. They were never perfect in either design or performance. If you have development related questions, you may try reaching the original MouseImp developer by email, at He might be able to help, but makes no promises about that, or even about being able to return your email.


Volunteers are very welcome to support the development of this project. Currently, Pingram Software supports this project, so please feel free to contact Oleg Afonin if you want to contribute to the project.

39 thoughts on “Source Code”

  1. Awesome idea….Just what I was waiting for. I have been using MouseImp for years. Obviously I wanted it to work in Firefox or other applications but it didn’t.

    Thank you…thank you…thank you… to all of the developers and to everyone else who is in one way or other involved in this project.

  2. Mohali, you’re welcome to use MouseImp or modify its source code in any way if you are a developer! If you make any modifications that might be of interest for the MouseImp community, please post it here on this site.

  3. No, there are no Linux ports for MouseImp. Linux has very different approach to handling the third mouse button. I don’t think a port would be possible; however, someone interested might have created a similar tool for Linux somewhere.

  4. I use MouseImp already more 2ั… years. Total mouse distance with MouseImp more than 40km. %) “Direct scroll benefit” more than 3 km.
    Thank you for excellent program!! I very wait for the following version and I wanted it to work in Opera 9.x.
    //Excuse me for my bad english.

  5. I’ve loved Mouseimp for years. Was so disappointed when it disappeared off the web for a while. Now that you guys are back, I ditched Mousestar, which let me scroll in Firefox and Opera. The new dll works great (except side to side, but that will be worked on, I’m suspecting).
    One thing I was wondering is if you have plans to have Mouseimp work in OpenOffice and StarOffice.
    I’ve been experimenting with Linux, mostly Ubuntu, and find I miss the Mouseimp functionality there. Of course, if there were a way for this little gem to work in Linux, I’d be super happy, but I understand a port might not work very well.
    Anyway, kudos, and many thanks. Keep up the good work.

  6. Nice tool and I don’t want to miss it.
    But it would be much more useful if it would be possible to specify Scrolling Speed in % for individual programs -to be specified by their ahk_class- and with different X% and Y% or disabled.
    Acrobat Reader scrolls perfect on x-axis but much less on y-axis.
    Rhinoceros comes in conflict with MouseImp. CorelDraw works well but will need different Speed than Acrobat Reader…
    So any Value given will be a compromise and most times not perfect :-

    But anyway – thanks a lot up to here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. the newest version mouseimp pro works fine with vista explorer,but no action in ie7(vista os).thanks for the message “”,i had searched the same function software in firefox,and no one is suit for me.
    by the way,can these function fill in one mipro.dll?

  8. I’ll try. I assure you, however, that the latest MIPro.DLL works fine with IE7. You just need to stop MouseImp if it was running, replace the DLL with the new one (if the system does not let you do this, rename the old DLL). Then log off and log on into Windows (or simply reboot your PC).

  9. unfortunatly,it does not work in my ie7,under vista os.
    another question,in this article,the download dll, href is “Download updated MIPro.DLL with Windows Vista support”,size is 88k,while the newest miproLive! setup programe installed the mipro.dll file size is 52k,but i didn’t feel what differents they are.

  10. I guess I’ll just make a new installation distributive once the DLL is fully tested. BTW, try setting MouseImp for the RIGHT mouse button to check if it’ll work in IE7. I have just figured myself that the MIDDLE button does not work with IE7 for some reason, but the right one does. I’ll try to fix this one as well.

  11. I updated the installer, so the default download now contains the updated MIPro.DLL with Vista support. If you are updating an existing installation of MouseImp, make sure to exit the program first, then install the update to the same folder, and then reboot Windows. If you don’t restart your computer, the old MIPro.DLL can not be deleted, so the patch won’t work.

  12. Dear Sir,
    I really like to use MouseIMP,it’s very useful utility to scroll up/down window. Recently I upgrade to outlook 2007 and I found MouseIMP can’t work with Outlook 2007. I am looking forward to have revised version to fix this problem.


  13. There’s currently no MouseImp fix for the Office 2007 applications. Apparently, a new scrolling method is used in Office 2007. I will investigate this issue some time in the future, but no promises here. I’ll keep posting updates on this matter.

  14. hey guys,
    just checked your already brilliant app.
    but why is the function of my right mouse button totally occupied by mouseimp????
    with it running I no longer can use my convenient StrokeIt.
    Please help me!!!

  15. Hannes,

    You can assign the middle mouse button in MouseImp, thus releasing the right one. That’s in Configure – Direct Scroll – Activate on – Middle Mouse Button

  16. sorry – found out, that after shutdown strokeit worked without obstacles in the next windows session.

  17. But another conflict:
    i have unchecked auto scroll in firefox but nevertheless mouseimp wont work.
    could you leave any tip?PLEASE!!

    regards from stuttgart,

  18. Hello Mouse Imp fans.

    To make Mouse imp work in Firefox just install ” Scrollbar Anywhere “.

    Get it Here:

    Note that the settings conflict. Just leave the boxes in Scrollbar
    blank and Imp will control.

    Their is no Scrollbar for Thunderbird but Grab and Drag works
    in TBird without ImpMouse.

    Thanks very much to the kind persons who fixed Imp to work with
    Vista. I have been using ImpMouse since long before it was free.
    I really missed it.

    WELL DONE !!!


  19. MouseImp Pro (live) does not seems to work in MS Outlook applications like Outlook and Word. Is this a known problem? Any solutions to expect? Thank you.

  20. Hello,
    Thanks for the update which enables MouseImpPro to work in Vista. It works fine in Avant and Maxthon. However, it doesn’t work in Opera 9.2 – perhaps you can restore Opera compatibility eventually? Thanks for this great little utility.

  21. Wonderful! Even without the source code to support Firefox – using the ‘Grab and Drag’ plugin is a very good solution (the best actually for me).
    Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for continuing in development. Keep up the good work!!!

  22. Hello all,
    wouldn’t it be wonderful to have MouseImp running in Windows XP x64 or Vista x64? Is this version of MouseImp compatible with the x64 windows’ ?
    If not, please, please, please compile a MouseImp64 release!!!
    (this would definitely make my day)

  23. > Is this version of MouseImp compatible with the x64 windowsโ€™ ?

    I don’t know! I don’t have the 64-bit version handy, and can’t test it. If you have Vista64, would you mind installing MouseImp for a quick compatibility test?

  24. Ohhh, wonderful – this site is not dead yet!!! (smile)
    Well, i do not have any vista64 versions at hand, but i am installing windowsxp64 at the weekend. And, of course i will install mouseimp for a test (can’t live without it any more)
    The problem i see is, that e.g. explorer is a 64 bit application (using 64 bit dll’s) and mouseimp is (??) 32bits. So the call from a 32bit dll to a 64bit dll (and vice versa) does not work anymore.
    WinXp64 has, of course, a WOW64 implementation and there is another explorer (32 bit) which might allow mousimp to run.
    Speaking of native 32bit apps running in xp64, well i might think mouseimp must work as expected.
    But, the test results will follow after this weekend…

  25. ok, here are the results of running mouseimp in WinXPx64: As expected, it runs in a 32bit process and all other 32bit software is working seamlessly with mouseimp. But, all native 64bit software does not see mouseimp – this is especially annoying for e.g. windows explorer. Any ideas of compiling a 64bit mouseimp? (i will be happy to test it…)

  26. I’ll see what I can do for x64. So far it seems that you’d need to run two versions of MouseImp simultaneously; one for 32-bit, and one for 64-bit applications. I don’t have any experience in developing hook DLLs for the 64-bit environment, let alone support 32 and 64 bits in one binary. If someone who does comes along, please email me!

  27. hi aoleg,

    thank you very much for this piece of work, the best out there im telling you. thought im on vista x64 and it doesn’t work on native x64 apps, but still gotta say this thing rocks!

  28. I have some applications where MouseImp causes problems. How can I set up an excluded application list in MouseImp?

  29. Where is that actual source code? I would like to look at it and maybe help with some bugs and additional features:

    1) For FF, the cursor returns to pointer when paused in the toggle mode of DirectScroll.
    2) Restrict the scrolling to only the first nested outer scrollbar (right now, it spills over to 2nd level – at least in FF)

    1) Need option to freeze – instead of tracking – the cursor for use with trackballs to eliminate redundant clicks & cursor movements.
    2) Horizontal scrolling integrated with vertical.
    3) Configurable timer to set an optional “cancel toggle after n milliseconds of no movement”
    4) “acceleration” sensitivity – adjustable to scroll faster for quicker movements, slower for refined movements (could replace the two speed system currently in place based on a maximum and minimum speed ratio algorithm.

  30. Supporting x64 would not, unfortunately, be a simple update. A major rewrite is required. I don’t have the required skills to do this. The source code is old, and hardly portable.

  31. Hey guys,

    For x64, I found Scroll Navigator. Thing is, it costs money and is not as fluid and smooth as mouse imp pro. Good work aoleg! And thanks for having looked into a port. I guess someone else will have to implement or we just wait for something else to come out. Man, such a great tool.

  32. ScrollNavigator does not do it for me on Win7-x64.
    Either choppy scrolling or nothing at all.

    MouseStar might work better for some of you, but is unfortunately not as straight as mouseimp was, so again no options until now.. o(


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