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  1. Awesome idea….Just what I was waiting for. I have been using MouseImp for years. Obviously I wanted it to work in Firefox or other applications but it didn’t.

    Thank you…thank you…thank you… to all of the developers and to everyone else who is in one way or other involved in this project.

  2. Mohali, you’re welcome to use MouseImp or modify its source code in any way if you are a developer! If you make any modifications that might be of interest for the MouseImp community, please post it here on this site.

  3. No, there are no Linux ports for MouseImp. Linux has very different approach to handling the third mouse button. I don’t think a port would be possible; however, someone interested might have created a similar tool for Linux somewhere.

  4. I use MouseImp already more 2х years. Total mouse distance with MouseImp more than 40km. %) “Direct scroll benefit” more than 3 km.
    Thank you for excellent program!! I very wait for the following version and I wanted it to work in Opera 9.x.
    //Excuse me for my bad english.

  5. I’ve loved Mouseimp for years. Was so disappointed when it disappeared off the web for a while. Now that you guys are back, I ditched Mousestar, which let me scroll in Firefox and Opera. The new dll works great (except side to side, but that will be worked on, I’m suspecting).
    One thing I was wondering is if you have plans to have Mouseimp work in OpenOffice and StarOffice.
    I’ve been experimenting with Linux, mostly Ubuntu, and find I miss the Mouseimp functionality there. Of course, if there were a way for this little gem to work in Linux, I’d be super happy, but I understand a port might not work very well.
    Anyway, kudos, and many thanks. Keep up the good work.

  6. Nice tool and I don’t want to miss it.
    But it would be much more useful if it would be possible to specify Scrolling Speed in % for individual programs -to be specified by their ahk_class- and with different X% and Y% or disabled.
    Acrobat Reader scrolls perfect on x-axis but much less on y-axis.
    Rhinoceros comes in conflict with MouseImp. CorelDraw works well but will need different Speed than Acrobat Reader…
    So any Value given will be a compromise and most times not perfect :-

    But anyway – thanks a lot up to here 😉

  7. Where is that actual source code? I would like to look at it and maybe help with some bugs and additional features:

    1) For FF, the cursor returns to pointer when paused in the toggle mode of DirectScroll.
    2) Restrict the scrolling to only the first nested outer scrollbar (right now, it spills over to 2nd level – at least in FF)

    1) Need option to freeze – instead of tracking – the cursor for use with trackballs to eliminate redundant clicks & cursor movements.
    2) Horizontal scrolling integrated with vertical.
    3) Configurable timer to set an optional “cancel toggle after n milliseconds of no movement”
    4) “acceleration” sensitivity – adjustable to scroll faster for quicker movements, slower for refined movements (could replace the two speed system currently in place based on a maximum and minimum speed ratio algorithm.

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