MouseImp – Windows 7 and x64 support

The all-new MouseImp 7 is released! Now supporting all 32-bit and x64 builds of Windows 7 and Vista, working in IE8/IE9 Protected Mode and scrolling all windows of the office suite, the new MouseImp is the tool to get. Ivan Keluh and Alexander Malofeev are the ones to thank for the new release.

Download the 32-bit version here, or get an x64 installer here.

Note: even if you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows, the MouseImp x32 will still work there. It will scroll all 32-bit and 64-bit application windows, with one exception: in 64-bit apps only, the mouse cursor will not turn into a scrolling hand. If the majority of your applications are 64-bit, get MouseImp x64; otherwise, the 32-bit version will more than suffice. (Personally, I’m using a 32-bit build of MouseImp on my Windows 7 x64).

Another note: please uninstall the old version of MouseImp first. Updates are currently not supported due to a lot of major changes in the new app.

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  1. Changming says:

    Wow! Finally!
    I’m so exited when I find it updated in my google reader.
    Now I’m trying the new version, and maybe translate it into Chinese later.

  2. aespe says:

    great !, will try this, been a long while missing this app from my system

  3. Blamp1 says:

    Thanks for this work !
    I have a conflict with objectdock and mouseimp.
    My dock freeze when i use mouseimp.

  4. Richard says:

    Thanks, I have been waiting for this. FYI, It has a conflict with
    Directory Opus, it cancels the desktop double left click. Happens with both 32 and 64 bit versions.

  5. Encore says:

    So long… Thanks!
    The best tool

  6. q says:


    been stuck without it.

  7. Wales says:

    I can scroll horizontal and vertical in win7 windows.(version:winu7 starter)
    I can’t scroll horizontal in firefox 10.0.2, but vertical can.
    Hope this issue can be solved.

  8. Jimm Chen says:

    Wow, a shining release after so many years of silence. Frankly speaking. This is far better than the cranky ScrollNavigator.

  9. PG says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!
    It doesn’t scroll as as smooth as before, but hey, it works in Explorer, and now even in Visual Studio! Couldn’t be happier :)
    So, where’s the Flattr-icon or Paypal donate??

  10. tbone says:

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    This is going to bring some fun back while working with windows! I got some serious mouse-wheel tortured finger since MouseImp did not work correctly on x64.. o)

    Definitely the best software news this year!.. o) If there will be a way to make a donation anytime soon, you can count on me.

    Some Input to this release:
    The x64 Version does not scroll “Editplus”, former versions did.
    In “Netbeans IDE” it is very slow, could be about 5 times faster.
    In “Opera” it does not scroll smoothly, Opera seems to hang a bit.
    In Firefox it’s a bit slow too, the scrolling is not proportional to the scrollbar as in any standard win32/64 app.

    But, still a big step fordward and of great use!!! Thanks again!

  11. Yevhenii says:

    Great!!! Many thanks! Now mouseimp works even in Java Swing applications. Cool!

  12. Alan says:

    Can you please implement an option in which you can select in what apps directscroll works?

  13. renda says:

    I have been using this for very very long time, cannot remember when, maybe since the last century :-p

    It was installed on every computer that I’ve used for a period, even if the mouse HAS a scroll button.

    I had once been upset for some weeks when I found the very old version could not work well on Windows Vista, but soon (not really so soon in deed) there was MouseImp Pro Live. It’s pretty good with Windows 7 too.

    Now MouseImp comes to me, it’s even better, except for ONE case: It totally bypasses Gestures (extension) for Chrome, I have to stretch my hand in order to press the Ctrl key to let Mouse pass mouse actions to the Gestures for Chrome extension.

    What if making a new option like “Disable on Left Mouse Button”? Why the left mouse button can be used for the slow-down trigger but not for the disabling trigger? (same as the Ctrl key, mouse buttons have UP and DOWN states too…) Acutally I have never used the slow-down feature even for once.

    Thank you, now looking forward for an update!

  14. Michael says:

    Thanks to all of you guys who keeps the MouseImp alive! I’ve been using it for ages, it’s an AWESOME program!!

  15. Vitaliy Kaplich says:


    I could not use legacy MouseImp 32b in 64b environment and I was waiting so much for MouseImp 64b release and finally it’s here!
    I was using MouseStar as a replacement in 64b environment, but it blocks right click in MS Office apps and it was so annoying.

    Thank you! Thank you so much!

    BTW Could not find donation button in the app.

  16. Loren Amelang says:

    Any idea why I get “The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation” from Windows Installer? How to tell which of the maze of policies it is hitting?

    Win7Pro Tablet Edition, on Motion Computing J3400. I’m not aware of setting any policies – maybe Motion did? Is this working on other Win7 Tablets?

    Guess I could add some debug to the source, but that’s a ways from top priority right now…


  17. Drew Wesley says:

    Thanks for resuming development on what I’ve always viewed as an essential Windows app. This is more responsive than DragToScroll.

    * ‘Load at startup’ in the 32-bit version fails to remain checked.
    * The 64-bit version doesn’t work on some 32-bit apps (ie. FileMaker)
    * The 32-bit version seems to work more universally, but in some apps produces an effect which drags the page blindly without animation (page being dragged remains frozen until released).

    Lookin’ forward to!

  18. Vitaliy says:

    Norton Internet Security treat 32b installer as unsafe.

  19. Piton says:

    This is freaking awsome!!!


    P.s. Spasibo chuvaki!!!

  20. Wizzierd says:

    If you would add a momentum feature, it would be perfect. :)
    I have also noticed that while it works awesome in windows explorer, it is a bit “chunky” in Google Chrome (the cursor in Chrome does not change too). My system is Windows 7 x64 SP1. Tried both x64 and x86 versions. 32-bit version doesn’t work in explorer here, so I stay at x64.

    Also, it doesn’t work in IE 9 (none of them – x86, x64)
    These are the things I’ve noticed so far.

    Apart from above mentioned – probably the best “Drag to scroll” app on Windows.

  21. 打帖匠 says:

    Great! It’s my favor, so love it!
    NOD32 64-bit said: Thanks a lot! :-)

  22. yash says:

    thanks! using for decades.
    how about linux version?

  23. cutefu says:

    I can’t scroll horizontal in Office 2000 suite (word 2000,excel 2000,powerpoint 2000), but vertical can.
    Hope this issue can be solved.
    thanks a lot!!

  24. SimonLiang says:

    I used this since year 2000, it was not updated for many years. Because the old version cannot work in Win7, I still use Xp. Now I can move to Win7! Thanks a lot!!!

  25. Schicko says:

    Great piece of software and super-awesome with a scroll-wheel-less trackball! One thing though, I think it would be even more awesome if the dev(s) implement an option that causes the mouse to stay where it is as DirectScroll is being used. Also, maybe consider a portable version?