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  1. add says:

    In uTorrent 1.7.5 if I scroll whith MouseImp in the main window or the RSS window when I close that window the program crashes. In their forum people report the same problem with versions 1.7 1.7.1 was fixed by updating their MIpro.dll but I tried and it did not help with 1.7.5 . I suggest adding some sort of ignore list so users can set MouseImp not to hook in some applications.

    Also I am using Office 2003 and MouseImp Pro Live only scrolled vertically so I am now using the dll with which it scrolls both ways.

    OS: Win2k SP4

  2. aoleg says:

    zero: I am pretty sure I haven’t modified anything regarding AutoShrink. However, I am seeing more and more reports saying that one or another piece of MouseIMP functionality stops working after my modifications are applied. That’s strange… maybe I don’t have the latest source code after all?

  3. norikai says:

    I have used MI for five or six years. It’s an excellent tool.
    Thank you!
    I Appreciate your works!

  4. Vlada says:

    Can I enable mouseIMP in Opera 9? How do I use .dll file?
    Great aplication, thank you!!

  5. aoleg says:


    Opera support is coming after the New Year thanks to Oleksa Borodie who implemented the Opera compatibility feature.

  6. Victek says:

    That’s great news about Opera support returning to MouseImp Pro Live! Any idea when the update will be available? regards…

  7. aoleg says:

    That’s been done: the new version that supports both Opera and Firefox is online.

  8. nick says:

    i found this program on internet lately and it really useful for me.
    thanks a lot for your contribution.

  9. sortov says:

    Started using it since the times when mice did not have scrolling wheels. But even with a scroll wheel this app saves me lots of time.

    BTW, in case anyone did not know – if your mouse has a scroll wheel, *clicking* the wheel will turn on auto-scrolling mode in most apps, such as Opera, Firefox, IE, MSWord, Excel, OpenOffice, Windows Explorer, Konqueror. For Firefox on Linux you first need to enable ‘automatic scroll’ which is off by default.

  10. Sp says:

    Please add/fix horizontal scroll for Excel 2007.
    It is my primary reason for using MouseImp.

  11. Fox Hu says:

    Please add/fix horizontal scroll for Firefox 3.X .
    Thank a lot !

  12. Richard says:

    For horizontal scrolling in firefox I use ” Grag and Drag ”
    It is set to use the left mouse button and only on non text
    areas, This allows horizontal scrolling while still allowing
    the text highlight function.

    It is a workaround but is better than nothing.

    I have used mouseimp since before it was freeware and
    cannot live without it.

    BTW: it will work on Windows 7 x86 (32 bit )but not on Windows 7 x64 ( 64 bit )

    Note to Mazola: Please fix Firefox to work properly! with

  13. pmshah says:

    I can confirm that MIMP works on Win 7 Ultimate it creates a lot of other problems and that the explorer keeps crashing. At least that is the only solution I found – uninstall it in safe mode!

    I just wish and pray that someone would come up with a compatible version. I am so used to it! Without it I am practically miserable.

  14. ®ound says:

    Does anyone know any ALTERNATIVE tool?
    Because, latest (on current data) downloaded version of MouseImp still does not work under Windows 7.


  15. DVDUFO says:

    First thank you so much for your really good software.
    MouseIMP really speeds up my works in computer.
    But unfortunately MouseIMP don`t support Opera 10.51 version and Google Chrome. So I decide install old version of Opera witch is my favour web browser. I will wait for new version of MouseIMP.

  16. aoleg says:

    DVDUFO: try this DLL

    It’s a pre-release version; if everything works OK, I’ll update the installer.

  17. aoleg says:

    BTW, the new DLL is reported to work on Windows 7 32-bit. It also adds support for Chrome and Visual Studio 2010.

  18. Richard says:

    The new .dll did not work for horizontal scrolling in Firefox

  19. O-O ^.^ says:

    thank you for your software. too

    both Opera 10.51, Chrome works fine, on Windows 7 32-bit

    Can U add the support of MS Office2010 (OneNote2010, Voiso2010, Project2010)

  20. ppg says:

    Installed the new dll. Works super fine in Visual Studio 2010 on Windows XP 32bit, but not in Office 2007. If it works in Office 2010 I’ll be satisfied with that 🙂
    This is one of the essential utilities I cannot live without actually. Really appreciate your work and continous support!

  21. ppg says:

    Sorry for being unspecific regarding Office 2007. It seems to work fine in Word and Excel, but in Outlook I can’t scroll the message list, but the mail windows works fine.

  22. O-O ^.^ says:
    Contains wininet has access to the Internet,Is spyware?

  23. aoleg says:

    O-O ^.^: Nope. Full source code is available anyway.

  24. O-O ^.^ says:

    aoleg : But I did not find the source code link.

  25. Alps says:


    Works well with VS 2010.

  26. guest says:

    It’s fine if mouseimp implement an exluded program list or individual settings for programs.
    I don’t want mouseimp to works with some programs, and there is no way to do this.
    For example, I use an addon called Grab and Drag to instead of mouseimp, and free the right mouse button to work with another addon which called FireGestures. But now I can’t do this when mouseimp is running.

  27. guest says:

    The addons is for firefox, I miss it.

  28. guest says:

    The addons is for firefox, I miss it.